Heavy Duty Double Sided Large Bubbles Air Wrap – Anti Static 30 M L 500 MM W

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Heavy Duty Double Sided Large Bubbles Air Wrap - Anti Static 30 M L 500 MM W
Heavy Duty Double Sided Large Bubbles Air Wrap - Anti Static 30 M L 500 MM W
Heavy Duty Double Sided Large Bubbles Air Wrap - Anti Static 30 M L 500 MM W
Heavy Duty Double Sided Large Bubbles Air Wrap - Anti Static 30 M L 500 MM W

Heavy Duty Double Sided Large Bubbles Air Wrap - Anti Static 30 M L 500 MM W
Thank you for viewing my listing. HEAVY DUTY BUBBLE WRAP. THE TOUGHEST BUBBLE WRAP EVER. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES. MORE ECONOMICAL THAN STANDARD BUBBLE WRAP. 500 MM WIDE (20). 30 METERS LONG (100 FEET). 32 MM (1 1/4) DIAMETER BUBBLES. 13 MM THICK (1/2) BUBBLES. PERFORATED EVERY 50 CM FOR EASY HAND CUTTING. PLEASE NOTE THE FULL ROLL COMES IN 50 METER LONG. DOUBLE SIDED LARGE BUBBLES. This is a high quality industrial strength Bubble Wrap. This listing is for Bubble Wrap – BUBBLE WRAP CUSHIONING, with large bubbles on both sides to provide extra protection. Super heavy duty bubblewrap provides ultimate protection for your products. Double sided reinforced with large bubbles for extra strength. Anti Static – Ideal for wrapping computers or electronics. Perfect for wrapping difficult items which require extra strength , would , electrical or electronic items, glass, pottery , furniture, or any other items requiring ultimate protection. Normally burst or deflate traditional standard bubble wrap. Long lasting, heavy duty nylon barrier layer to increase longevity. Perforated every 50cm – 20 inches to eliminate hand cutting. Most Bubble Wrap on the market is not perforated. This is 20 (50 cm) wide The large 20 mm diameter bubbles cover the same thickness of 6. Protects products from shock, abrasion and vibration. Perforated every 50 cm (20) to save on hand cutting. Most bubble wrap on the market is not perforated. Protect your packages with this Bubble Wrap. The guidelines are to allow at least two inches or 5 cm of padding between the packaged material and the inside of the box. Wrap each item with bubble wrap to protect and cushion against any shock that occurs when the items come in contact with each other or if the boxes receive any trauma. If you can feel the item and not the air bubbles, there could be a risk of damage. Tear and puncture resistance Optimal edge and corner protection Superior protection and reusable Non-slip surface. Prevents goods from moving in transit Reduces damage Transparent. Enables clear product identification Bubble will not go flat. Products protected through entire distribution cycle. ISO accreditation Improve your product presentation with this unique Bubble Wrap. All quality products at bargain prices. BUBBLE WRAP AS INSULATION MATERIAL. Bubble Wrap is very versatile. Apart from its excellent packaging features, it is a very effective and economical insulation material. This is a simple technique for insulating windows with bubble wrap packing material. Bubble wrap is often used to insulate greenhouse windows in the winter, but it also seems to work fine for windows in the house. You can use it with or without regular or insulating window shades. It also works for windows of irregular shape, which can be difficult to find insulating shades for. It may also work in summer to insulate the wals and roof of the house to keep the cool air inside. Cut the bubble wrap to the size of the window pane with scissors. Spray a film of water on the window using a spray bottle. Apply the bubble wrap while the window is still wet and press it into place. The bubble side goes toward the glass. To remove the bubble wrap, just pull it off starting from a corner. You can save it and use it for several years. It does not leave a mess or stains on the window glass. Takes just: 30 minutes. Give your plants a helping hand through winter by adding a layer of bubble wrap to insulate your greenhouse. You’ll have fewer draughts and will also benefit from lower bills if you use a heater during the very cold months. Also available other size bubbles and roll widths. The complete Stimulus Package!!! FUN AND GAMES WITH BUBBLE WRAP. Apart from its great packing material properties,, there have also been other things that people have been doing with bubble wrap. If you look around online, you will find that there are people who make bubble wrap arts and crafts for fun. Bubble wrap sculptures and figurines are particularly popular, and many parents make their children bubble wrap toys for fun. That little boy may have bubble wrap plastic gloves while that little girl has a bubble wrap ball. The strangest bubble wrap creations, however, are bubble wrap clothing. Yes, people actually make clothes out of bubble wrap! Whether it’s just a simple skirt, a shirt, a whole men’s outfit, or a full-blown wedding dress, they all exist. Some stores even sell bubble wrap bikinis and underwear! Bubble wrap clothing is usually made at home by various people who want to try wearing this form of cushioning. Bubble wrap can be bought in large sheets or rolls that people treat like fabric and cut and tape around. The same patterns for normal clothes can be used for bubble wrap, though you can opt to not sew it anymore but instead stick the parts together with transparent tape. Can you imagine walking around while being able to pop all those bubbles? It would be fun, not to mention attention-catching. They even have bubble wrap fashion contests. BUBBLE WRAP FOR STRESS RELIEF. Popping Your Way to Stress Relief Believe it or not bubble wrap can help you relieve some stress, although it wont solve any advanced cases. Bubble wrap is a magnet for stress! Bubble wrap seems to have some magical quality for stress relief. The use of bubble wrap for stress relief is a modern , novel, 100% natural and organic method for the treatment of stress relief which does not involve any use of drugs. The continued popping noise and the feeling that it generates naturally relax you and soon you realize that nothing else matters but the rhythmic popping of the bubbles in front of you. The popping noise itself and the feeling you get by doing it is a natural stress reliever and youll soon find yourself popping every bubble that you can find. So, not only is bubble wrap a very versatile wrapping material , it’s simultaneously an effective stress reliever! You can pop away creating a unique rhythm, that you alone feel, that melts away your stress. So the next time you are stressed out, don’t punch the wall or throw a coffee mug, grab a few pieces of bubble wrap. Squeeze it, twist it, pop it until you achieve that feeling of peace… Only then have you truly achieved stress relief from bubble wrap! From time to time I list similar items with discounted prices for a limited time. TO VIEW ALL BUBBLE PACKING MATERIAL. The full roll comes in 50 meter long. Public holidays and weekends excluded. However, there is no guarantee that you will receive your parcel by the estimated date. The most economical method. If you wish to have your item delivered or handled in a special manner, let me know and I will inform you if there is any additional charge. If you live in a remote location with no courier service, let me know. Delays may be experienced in case of work overload , postal or courier. Delays, public holidays and weekends, or shortage of stock. If premises unattended , leave in a secure location. If premises unattended, place a card in the mailbox and leave parcel at nearest collection point. The parcel shall be deemed to have been delivered. If the parcel is sent by courier, a signature is usually required. You can select that the courier leaves the parcel. If it is not safe to leave the parcel by Your front door, then you will need to sign for it. All parcels will be securely packaged. For its loss or damage. Otherwords , all care taken and no responsibility accepted. No responsibility can be taken if you fail to provide a telephone number. Please note, I assume no responsibility if the item is delayed, lost or damaged n transit. No compensation will be paid until such investigation has been concluded. You will also need to arrange for your own packaging. International Buyers Please Note. I strive to please my fellow eBayers. If you have any issue with the item, let me know. Errors & Omissions Excluded. No other warranties either expressed or implied are offered. You may find similar items cheaper with other sellers or retailers. I also rely on sighted assistants to help with the pictures and description. If you prefer to trade with a behemoth, please go elsewhere. From time to time I offer the same item cheaper for a limited period. The description of the items is as provided by the principal sellers and believed to be reliable. All feedback will be reciprocated. If you are happy with my service, tell the whole world, if you are not happy, tell me. 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If you post negative or neutral feedback without first letting me know of your intention to post such feedback will be deemed defamatory and may give rise to proceedings for defamation and/or breach of contract and will give rise to a liquidated claim for damages. If you have in issue, it would be quicker to contact me first and I will do my utmost to help you. If you do not wish to have feedback posted for you – for privacy reasons or otherwise – just let me know and I will not post feedback for you or simply do not post feedback for me. All brand names & trademarks are the property of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only. The listed brand names and model designations are intended only to show the compatibility of these products with various products. Pictures are for descriptive purposes only. I reserve the right to supply products of similar or higher quality and performance if the original product is no longer available due to changes in manufacturers specifications , alterations or improvements. All dimensions and measurements are approximate. Colour is as shown unless otherwise stated. Colour may vary depending on lighting, your computer screen resolution or angle of viewing. Please exercise care when you open your package when you receive it. Do not slash the packing material with a knife as to damage the contents of the package. Open carefully so you dont drop the contents in case of fragile or breakable items. If the information is not correct, please provide your correct contact information. You agree to abide by the herein Terms & Conditions and any further amendments. Any dispute arising out of this. Agreement or the interpretation thereof. Shall be decided and. Settled in accordance with the laws and statues of the incumbent legislation or any future legislations as decided by a competent court, tribunal or by any deliberative assenbly. The item “HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE SIDED LARGE BUBBLES AIR WRAP – ANTI STATIC 30 M L 500 MM W” is in sale since Saturday, June 16, 2018. This item is in the category “Industrial\Material Handling\Packing & Shipping\Shipping & Cushioning Supplies\Bubble Cushioning Wrap”. The seller is “eddiesolomon777″ and is located in Tamborine Mountain, QLD. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Length: 30 METER
  • Width: 500MM
  • Colour: CLEAR
  • Format: Roll
  • Features: Heny Duty Double Sided Professional APPLICATION
  • MPN: HDBR-500
  • Bubble Size: Extra Large

Heavy Duty Double Sided Large Bubbles Air Wrap - Anti Static 30 M L 500 MM W
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